practical knowledge and research into independent curatorial practices in Johannesburg.

wherewithall is an online database of equipment,
The project seeks to provide the wherewithal for
artists and curators to re-imagine the conditions for exhibition making by creating chains of possibility within the arts community.
Drawing on a shared interest in supporting a more
accessible, dynamic and experimental ecosystem in the arts, wherewithall encourages sustainability through allyship.
wherewithall aims to facilitate the realisation
of exhibitions in the widest sense through three key components:
wherewithall keeps a store of equipment
available for loan by independent practitioners in Johannesburg. The project also identifies other platforms that are willing to engage in occasional equipment loans and connects them with independent artists and curators.
Equipment can be loaned free of charge but
must be insured. wherewithall encourages and facilitates the safe sharing of resources by established institutions and galleries with a view to creating a more equitable, experimental and sustainable ecosystem in the Johannesburg art space.
wherewithall commissions and publishes
creative and critical research into independent curatorial practices. Submissions include personal, historical, fictional and speculative texts that look at the conditions that constitute and enable exhibitions as well as the limitations these conditions may impose on artistic practice. Through commissioning and disseminating research, wherewithall motivates for a careful re-evaluation of the exhibition form, enabling the realisation of exhibitions outside of established curatorial frameworks.
curatorial projects that demonstrate resourcefulness, collaboration and an interest in revising, countering or overturning institutional models of exhibition making in Johannesburg.
wherewithall commissions small-scale
wherewithall was founded by Kundai Moyo, Chloƫ Reid and Amy Watson in 2020.
Kundai Moyo is an artist who uses her work as a tool for conducting sociological research. She curated the Wits Young Artist Award exhibition, Cruel Optimism (2021), at The Point of Order and co-curated the group exhibitions Holdfast (2020) and Tongues (2021) at the gallery. She is currently furthering her studies in the UK.
Amy Watson is an independent curator and a founding director of POOL (2015- present), a not-for-profit art organisation that supports practitioners through collaboration, commissioning, and the production and presentation of new work. Most recently she curated the group exhibitions How To Disappear (2020) and Soft Architectures (2019) at Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Chloƫ Reid is an artist, writer and curator who is interested in the relationship between writing, reading and artistic practice. She has exhibited and curated locally and internationally and currently lives in Johannesburg where she works as an writer alongside her own artistic practice.
email: info@wherewithall.org.za
instagram: wherewithall_
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