Anthea Buys is a writer, curator and researcher based in South Africa. Buys was the Director of Hordaland Kunstsenter (Bergen) from 2014-17 and has published and curated widely. She recently established FORMS, a gallery without a space based in South Africa and on the internet.
Nolan Oswald Dennis is a Johannesburg based artist whose interdisciplinary practice explores the material and metaphysical conditions of decolonisation, questioning the politics of space (and time) through a system-specific, rather than site-specific approach.
MADEYOULOOK is a Johannesburg-based interdisciplinary collaborative between Nare Mokgotho and Molemo Moiloa. MADEYOULOOK’s practice draws on everyday innovation: functions of inner-city life that are resourceful and imaginative in their approach to ordinary challenges.
Bhavisha Panchia is a curator and researcher of visual and audio culture, currently based in Johannesburg. Her work engages with artistic and cultural practices under shifting global conditions, focusing on anti/post-colonial discourses, imperial histories and networks of production and circulation of (digital) media.
Abri de Swardt is a Johannesburg-based artist and writer who works across video, photography, costume, sound, sculpture, and performance. Through his practice, De Swardt investigates notions of disassociation, disidentification and desire as political positions.
Amie LH Soudien is a curator, researcher and art writer based in Johannesburg. She is a PhD student in the department of Art History, Curatorial Practice and Heritage Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her current research concerns the use of art, performance and the performing arts in the commemoration of slavery in the Cape. Her other scholarly interests include the history of Cape Town, archival studies, popular media, gender and sexuality, and emerging artists from Africa and the diaspora.